Leroy Somer

EX Motors and Drives

Leroy Somer, part of Emerson electric is one of the world's most reputable Ex Motor manufacturers. With a broad range of products including motors that meet the new efficiency standards to the latest EN requirements, Leroy Somer most likely will have a solution for you for your toughest motor application. Widely used in the marine, oil & gas and other process industries, Leroy Somer is the brand to consider for rough service. Source IEx has been a proud business partner of Leroy Somer for over 7 years.

High Efficiency Induction Motors

Leroy Somer has undertaken a complete overhaul of their convensional induction motor range and now offer, two new ranges of products bearing the Eff2 and Eff1 labels meeting the new high efficiency requirements in Europe, the LS/LS ES with an aluminum housing and FLS/FLS ES with cast iron housings. The increased efficiency of these motors the result of elongation of the magnetic circuit, use of laminations with very low losses, optimization of the winding geometry, and reduction of ventilation losses.

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FLSD Flameproof 3 phase TEFV induction Motors

Leroy Somer has a full range of Induction motors rated Ex d suitable for hazardous area and are certified to the requirements of the ATEX directive. Available in ranges from 0.09 kW up to 400kW in either aluminum or cast iron, with options including full Ex d flameproof, Ex e increased safety terminal box and Ex nA non-sparking for Zone 2 applications. Special options including IP66, special coatings, and many different mounting arrangements are all available within the FLSD series of motors. Contact us today for your next Ex motor application.

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FLS(C) Electric Motors for Winch & Tensioner

The FSC(C) series of motors from Leroy Somer are prefer for winch and tension applications available from 7.5kw up to 300kW. Features include Axial forced ventilation, incremental encoder, thermal protection and a high IP56 rating. Custom engineered for your exact applications, Leroy Somer has your low voltage motor solution.

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