Aviation, Obstruction Lighting Solutions Provider for IECEx, ATEX and CAP437 Lighting applications

IMT is recognized as the developer and supplier of customized maintenance free industrial lighting solutions for Industrial, Hazardous and Aviation applications and situations. IMT offers innovative products such as the Aquarius Circle-H Helideck Lighting system fully in compliance with the latest CAP437 requirements along with many other innovative products. Source IEx is proud to be associated with IMT and we invite you to browse through the product offerings listed below.

ILED® Aquarius CIRCLE-H® Helideck Lighting System

Developed with close guidance from the CAA and in full accordance with the requirements of CAP 437, IMT’s CIRCLE-H® TD/PM Lighting System provides the optimum solution to address lighting problems. Cleanly and clearly indicating the TD/PM Circle and H, the IMT CIRCLE-H® is the only fully certified system of its type – providing optimised safety – without compromise. The unique integrated mounting plate is able to be customised to suit specific requirements and with a choice of fixing and installation methods to suit all deck types, the CIRCLE-H® can be installed as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated total helideck lighting and status light safety system solution.

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ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight

The ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight is made with an anodized, marine grade aluminium casting, making it highly resistant to seawater environments and therefore perfectly suitable for marine applications. The integral mounting bracket allows the unit to be easily fixed and the direction of the beam in the horizontal to be adjusted. The light cover is made of clear toughened glass which is extremely shock resistant and break proof with a Fresnel (PMMA) lens. The high Power LEDs in combination with the fresnel lens produce a superior light output. A special design feature of this product is in the heat management – the ILED Aquarius Floodlight has a series of cooling fins with air ducts to dissipate the heat generated from the LEDs, which means that even in conditions of direct sunlight and high temperatures, the light unit continues to be cooled. Available in both an Ex and Non-Ex version.

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Aquarius Illuminated Windsock

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock provides pilots with an indication of the wind direction as required by IMO Modu Code, CAA CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14. These regulations require the presence of at least one windsock, which, if the helideck is intended for use at night, must be illuminated. Utilising IMT’s ILED technology, the windsock is illuminated internally, thereby minimising glare and thus increasing safety. The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is just one of the products in IMT’s complete range of ILED helideck signalisation and lighting solutions, which includes the CIRCLE-H® and Helideck Status Light (Wave-Off) Systems as well as perimeter lights, obstruction warning lights and floodlights.

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ILED Dorado Helideck Status Light/Marine Lantern

The ILED Dorado is hermetically sealed, so as to ensure that environmental conditions do not affect the functionality of the light. The housing is manufactured from marine grade aluminium alloy – making the product extremely resistant to seawater. A special and unique thermal management system ensures that the cooling fins of the ILED Dorado provide for highly efficient cooling – even at high ambient temperatures. With no moving parts or mechanisms the light has an extremely high shock and vibration resistance and low maintanance. The lens is made out of toughened borosilicate glass – which is especially shock resistant and break proof. In utilising the highest quality LEDs, the ILED Dorado has a low maintenance long operating lifetime. The electronics and IP66 rated junction box are located in the base, the sealing and packing of which is made from highly weather and seawater resistant material, thus ensuring the light is impermeable to moisture.

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ILED Aquarius Perimeter/Repeater/Signal Light

The ILED Aquarius – in all its variants – is manufactured with a toughened soda lime glass lens that has a high impact and fracture resistance and utilises the highest quality of high power LEDs – in the colours of Green, Red, Blue, Amber, and White. The output intensity of the LED lights is that as required according to CAA and ICAO guidelines and requirements. The main housing, mounting plate and fastenings are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316L. The IP66 rated junction box is protected by a sealing and packing which is made from highly weather and seawater resistant material, thus ensuring the unit is impermeable to moisture. The ILED Aquarius is available as either an Ex-hazardous Area or Industrial Safe Area-version.

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SS1000 Battery Boxes

SS1000 series battery enclosures are designed for harsh environments and
suitable for Zone 1 hazardous areas. The enclosures are fully ventilated to ensure that any hydrogen gas released remains below 50% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) within the enclosure while having ingress protection of IP56 making them suitable for outdoor installations. • Fabricated from 316L stainless steel in standard height and extended height versions. • IP56 to EN60529 1992 • II 2 G Exe II T5 to EN60079-7 2007 • Battery capacities are between 32 and 498Ah with Ni-Cad batteries and 200 to 1400Ah in lead acid batteries. (subject to voltage and discharge rate) • Supplied complete with all internal links and covers • Hinged padlockable lid to prevent access
by unauthorised personnel. • Internally lined to prevent electrical contact with the enclosure. • 12, 24, and 48 volt versions available. (subject to capacity)

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