Cable and Pipe Sealing Solutions

Roxtec manufactures various cable and pipe sealing products to minimize the spread of fire, water, contaminants and other materials with certifications ranging from ABS, UL, CSA & USCG for North American applications to ATEX, IECEx, DNV, Lloyds for international applications. We are product to have been associated with Roxtec for over 10 years and the Houston headquarters for the Roxtec folks is located here at Source IEx.

RM Series Modules

The Roxtec RM Module is the heart of the Roxtec system. Used in conjunction with the frame, stayplates and wedgekit, the RM modules provide the basis of the system. Manufactured out of a proprietary EPDM material, the RM module provides a wide range of sealing capabilities in a single unit. Unlike dedicated modules from other manufactures, the RM module from Roxtec had the future included.

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BG Series Modules for Bonding/Grounding Applications

This innovative new product from Roxtec is truly a time saving, money saving solution in a market all by itself. The BG module used in conjuction with either the cabinet seal or standard frame provides a certified means to bond and ground armoured cables passing through transits, eliminating the need for cable glands. With applications in which the density of cable glands is large such as in a DCS cabinet, the BG module can save valuable space on your enclosure, potentially shrinking the overall size of your enclosure by up to 40%. UL listed, ABS approved and certified for Ex applications in accordance to the ATEX Directive and IECEx approved.

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CF Series Cabinet Seals Ex Applications

The Roxtec CF series of cabinet seals is a perfect way to terminate cables into enclosures. When used in conjunction with the BG module above, it provides a perfect way to terminate armoured cables into an enclosure, saving space and money. Also available in Ex e versions certified to both EN and IEC standards, the CF series cabinet seals are the perfect solution for multiple gland terminating applications.

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RS Series Round Seals

The Roxtec RS seal is a round entry seal, consisting of two halves and an adaptable cneter with removable layers. Compression is integrated within the seal. It is the perfect solution for applications where existing cables or pipes are present. Available in various options, the RS seals are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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RM M63 Series Cabinet Seal

The Roxtec RM M63 gland is part of the cabinet seal range within Roxtec and is perfect for passing pre-terminated cables into an enclosure without disturbing the connector. The M63 gland will allow up to 9 cables to pass through an opening of M63 which saves a tremendous amount of space on your enclosure wall and potentially saving you costs with using a smaller sized enclosure as well. Like all Roxtec products, the future is included!.

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