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Our history, vision, philosophy and principals

Vision & Mission

We strive to provide the best service with the most competitive pricing on Ex equipment here in the US. We work towards providing a great experience in providing the best technical assistance in a timely fashion resulting in us treating our customers no different that we would want to be treated. Our business is based upon referrals and if we do not treat customers as we would want to be treated, they should have no reason to want to do business again, and certainly will not recommend us to their friends and colleagues in the industry. Do the right thing, all of the time. Simple but the way it should be. Our growth will be based upon customers looking for additional solutions from a single source and from new clients looking for solutions from a friendly, honest organization. Do business based upon the Golden Rule: Do unto others as others do unto you!

Company History

Bob Johnson, the founder of Source IEx saw a need in the market place for a nimble, small organization that could be a 'one-stop' solutions provider on Ex equipment based in Houston. With the advent of more and more project requirements being designed in Houston to IEC standards, we wanted to fill that need for a technically responsive organization that could provide not only quotation on equipment, but finding the best solution from both a commercial perspective to save customers money in both selecting the appropriate product for the application and not spending more than what you have to, in order to complete your requirements. Bob has over a 32 year history in the Ex business working in different capacities for a large manufacturer of Ex equipment based on the Gulf Coast. Rick Fritz has brought an extensive history of over 26 years in the Ex business based here in Houston. Thomas VanArsdale has been with us for 4 years now and came from one of the largest Ex manufacturers in the world, and our newest members, Chealsey Brown joins us with a great business and operations background along with Wayne Mayo heading up our inspection/training services. We've just completing our first 16 years of business and we want to thank all of you who have helped us grow and look forward to serving you for the next 16 years and beyond. We're also proud to be members of the National Federation for Small Businesses.

Company Philosophy

Treat people as you wish to be treated. Simple but effective. One of the key tenants of our business growth has been to help guide people to the best solutions, regardless if it is with us or not. We strongly believe that by doing this and never steering people into solutions that might work, but is not necessarily the best, most cost effective solution, we may lose the initial opportunity, but will be appreciated by our potential clients and ultimately result in them coming back to us for an application where we can provide the best solution. As we like to say to our customers, we're here today and will be here tomorrow and we're not in this for short term benefits. We also feel very strongly about partnering up with reputable manufacturers who have the same philosophy as us. We are tremendously greatful for the support that our key business partners provide us, and we do our best to support them in the same fashion.

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